iPooKee by Brook Tesla
Photo Album
  1. "Down, down, down, to the bottom of the giant pit I dived at almost the speed of sound."

  2. "At last, the golden gate of the City of @ swung open. Mystified, mouth open, I was staring at a bizarre world, a lit-up city radiating vivid colors. I had never seen such a place before."

  3. The City of @'s golden gate

  4. The chef cooking school

  5. The interview in Larry's office

  6. Larry's hobby: ear, eye, and lips

  7. The Logic Layer Fort where I met Roy

  8. I celebrated my 10th birthday at the Message Hub

  9. "Then he was winking incessantly, as if he knew I was there, near him, in front of the screen. He gave me another smile as if he sensed I was staring at him, longing to hug him after such a long time..."

  10. Be aware of skingrumalaya, a disease that can kill you!

  11. "Speak up, girl! Don't let them put you down!" Rhubarb Pie used to say.

  12. The Techno-Geek Café where I spent time with Uncle Walter

  13. Remember, you're not alone!

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iPooKee by Brook Tesla


by Brook Tesla

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A Teenager Embarks on a Time-Warping Odyssey to Reverse an Unspeakable Tragedy that Appeared to Usher in the Decline of a World Power

She is powerful, but she does not know it. She can roll time backward as far as she wants, only with the power of her thoughts. She can even bend time forward in a flash. She can halt time instantly. She's got many other tricks up her sleeve that her Uncle Walter has taught her.

But she, PooKee, the heroine of the story, is shy. She’s humble. She’s brave. She fights evil characters who want to harm her. All what PooKee wants, though, is to find her missing father, whom she loves and adores.

Her challenge? Nothing less than to avert an unspeakable tragedy that struck our nation. Will she be able to use her supernatural powers to save her father? Will she be able to reverse the course of history, change the fate of her country?

Through the eyes of 10-year-old PooKee, Brook Tesla tells a touching, magical, and heartbreaking story about the aftermath of an unthinkable tragedy that shook the foundation of a great nation. The result is a heart-warming novel demonstrating the love, determination, and courage of an innocent child who shares the highs and lows of her painful struggle to survive.



iPooKee is a startlingly clear mirror of our society and the country. The novel reflects the outstanding achievements of America. But it also raises concerns about what appears to be the moral, economic, and cultural decline of a world power. Are we really on the way down? Has our leadership failed us? Where are we headed? America seems to be immersed in a virtual world that dominates every aspect of our lives. Can we strike the right balance between the real and the unreal?

The book's driving themes focus on our broken system of government, growing disenchantment with the country's direction, perils to our democracy and freedom, and what appears as an accelerated decline of a world power after September 11th 2001.

iPooKee is currently on: Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, Kobo, Web, Clouds, and more.
Order from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play, and Kobo